Joanne is the perfect Closet Stylists! I was one of those women who had a closetful of clothes and nothing to wear. I was always second guessing myself and couldn't seem to make a decision I was satisfied with. I would go to the mall for hours and come home feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, the few pieces I managed to buy looked exactly like the stuff I already had. Sound familiar?

When Joanne came to my home, I knew right away that she would be able to help me get my closet and wardrobe organized! She did exactly what I needed them to do: went through my closet (yes, every inch), helped me edit out and discard items that were no longer in style or appropriate, styled new ensembles with the remaining clothes..and voila! a new closet was born!

But the second part is even better. I met her to shop for clothes and like the savvy stylist she is, she knew my size, what I owned and what items I needed to shop for. I walked into a dressing room filled with dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, belts and handbags all pre-selected for me. It was such a luxury to have Joanne put outfits together and offer her best fashion advice while staying within my budget. I am completely hooked!
Laura Piller, Tarzana
The Closet Stylist removed the clutter, improved the design, and raised my styling standards! What I struggled with for years, they simplified and perfected in just a few hours.
Jillian Kogan Dunn, Hollywood, CA
Shopping with Joanne was so much fun! Her warm and friendly personality combined with their true professionalism and impeccable taste made shopping an enjoyable experience...
Sarah Turner, Beverly Hills
I would recommend Closet Therapy to ALL my friends!
Kay Richards, West Hollywood
My closet is small and my clothes were jam-packed. Joanne pulled out everything of my closet section by section. Then we went through each item, keeping everything that I loved. Then they changed out all of hangers maximize space and put all the items back in the most organized way. I now am excited to go "shopping in my own closet" knowing everything in there I love and fits me perfectly!
Juliet Walsh, Westlake Village
My closet was tranformed in a day! I had a closet full of clothes and couldn't find a thing to wear. Joanne organized each item by color, style and season. Getting dressed is now simple.
Lisa Loiacono, Montecito
For what may be an unpleasant and embarrassing moment, Joanne made me feel safe for exposing what I think is my most intimate room in the house... My Closet.
Shawn Montgomery, Summerland