Package 1: THE JUMP START*
The "I want to reorganize my closet but don't know where to begin..." package.

Perfect for the client who needs a quick start and some inspiration to get their closet in great working order! Your experience will begin with a personalized consultation in your to learn about your lifestyle. Next Joanne will spend 2-hours with you reorganizing your closet and helping you decide what should stay, what should go and what can be reinvented. After the wardrobe audit is complete, your favorite and most flattering pieces will be organized and put back into your closet.

Package includes:
2-Hour Closet Organizing with Joanne
50 space-maximizing hangers.

Package 2: THE FASHIONISTA: Wardrobe Audit & Closet Organization

Perfect for the fashion lover who's closet needs some serious TLC.

This process includes a piece-by-piece review of your wardrobe, a thorough re-organization and a final tally of what should be kept, altered, or donated. After the audit is complete, all of your favorite and most flattering pieces will be organized back in your closet (on matching hangers, of course) by color, season and style.

Package includes:
4-Hour Wardrobe Audit with Joanne
100 space-maximizing hangers.

Package 3: THE DIVA: Wardrobe Audit, Closet & Drawer Organization & Shopping List

Perfect for those who've acquired the wardrobe but need help refining and organizing it.
A more in-depth version of Package 2 and "Our most popular package!"
No item (including drawers) will go untouched. After the 6-hour wardrobe audit and closet organization is complete and everything is put back in perfect order and on matching hangers, you will receive a personalized shopping list of items to complete your styling makeover, update your wardrobe and fill in the most essential gaps.

Package includes:
6-Hour Wardrobe Audit
150 space-maximizing hangers
Personalized Shopping List

Package 4: FASHIONABLY UP-TO-DATE: Personal Shopping

A 3- hour personal shopping excursion with Joanne.
Based on their philosophy of function plus fashion = fabulous, this shopping trip offers the best of the best! A personalized shopping list is created based on your lifestyle, age, body type and budget. Price includes 2.5 hours of shopping plus all preparation time to make the most out of our day together. Just show up at your private dressing room and let us take care of the rest. This is one shopping trip you will never forget!

Package 5: BON VOYAGE - The Art of Tailor-Made Travel

You spend all year looking forward to your destination vacation, but leave the packing until the last possible moment-simply because the decision making process can be overwhelming! A suitcase or a carry-on? Flats or heels? All neutrals or add some color? The Closet Stylist has the perfect solution: let us do the packing for you. Based on your destination and length of trip, we will spend 2-hours packing all your essentials (including toiletries) in an organized and efficient manner. It's the best way to travel in style!