What makes The Closet Stylists wardrobe specialists?


Having a busy life is like running a marathon: if you don't lay the proper groundwork, you'll never get to the finish line! That's why the need for wardrobe organization has never been greater. Being able to get dressed and leave your home quickly is something we can all relate to, and if we can do it looking like we had an A-list stylist lurking in our closets, even better!

Enter The Closet Stylist, a unique service-oriented business formed in 2007 by L.A.-based Joanne Levien. By combining her love for fashion and flair for organization, Joanne knew she could have an impact on people's lives through her streamlined approach of wardrobe editing and organization.

It was this very desire to assist women and men with her personal wardrobes that this idea was born. The concept of an in-home service to organize the clutter while identifying the strengths and gaps of a client's closet was something Joanne felt passionate about. What she discovered is through the cleaning process "closet therapy" would occur. What's closet therapy? Well Joanne says it's the process of coming to terms with getting rid of negative energy in the closet. If it doesn't fit or doesn't make you feel good then get rid of it! If its something positive and you don't need it repurpose it! Joanne understood that by spending time going through a client's closet and drawers with a fine tooth comb, she would be able to create a customized style plan that add clarity and definition to each person's wardrobe.

After organizing, editing, and assessing a client's wardrobe, Joanne, the Closet Stylist then recommends what to keep, donate, sell or re-purpose. Through this process most experience what she calls "closet therapy." The final step is advising her clients how to enjoy, love and make use of what Joanne already own. By offering the following services: Closet Organizing, Wardrobe Audits, Fashion Makeovers, Personal Shopping, Re-inventing Existing Clothing, and Closet Design Consulting, Joanne makes it easy for her clients to get the most fashion value for their dollar in today's chaotic economic climate. Joanne encourages her clients to shop in their own closet (a little something Joanne refer to as 'smart shopping') and make a list of what the client needs so the client don't develop amnesia once they're in the store. You may not have control of what is going on in the world, but you DO have control of what is going on in your closet! Her motto is, "Control the clutter, don't let it control you!"

Whether your style is chic, edgy, sexy or sporty or somewhere in between, The Closet Stylist will redefine your closet to function as an extension of your lifestyle and personality. Your closet will be red-carpet ready, even if you're just running to Pilates!

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